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The Worthy Retreat is a supportive space held in multiple worth-wild locations around the world. We help women to dive deep into exploration of inner story, identity alignment, and somatic healing to transform and align with their true, worthy selves.

This year we're traveling to two distinct destinations, Dominican Republic (August 18th-23rd 2022) and Greece (October 16th-25th 2022). 

During these inspiring retreats, women find what they're worthy of, what drives them, where their passion lies, and how to bring it to the surface. They will clear out old stories, negatives thoughts, voices, and the fears that suffocate your power. We’ll spark the flame that connects their mind, body, and spirit through three transformational mediums: breakthrough sessions for the mind, yoga for the body, and relaxation for the spirit. 


We're always looking for affiliate partners who share our mission to support women's growth personally and professionally. Together, we want to create a mutually beneficial relationship where our communities can uplift, connect, and support each other.

About us:

Nicole and Samora (Nic & Sam) have had the privilege of leading over 800 women in international retreat experiences within the past 6 years. With their commitment to honor and hold space for transformative encounters, they use their passions to support others in personal and professional growth.


​Nicole is a self-discovery NLP certified coach. Through result-driven coaching + experiential group workshops, she specializes in creating experiences to help women discover a deeper connection to personal purpose, identity, alignment + a new sense of freedom to impact everything in her world.

Samora Suber is founder of Motivational Yoga , a gentle healing practice which fuses yoga philosophy, neuro-programming, somatic healing, and breath-work to help people stimulate positive thinking, push physical limitations, and release emotional blockages.

How we can partner:

  • Share the Worthy Retreat with your community using the assets, captions, and email templates provided to you once you join our affiliate partnership program

  • Use your unique promo code to give your followers $50 off

  • For every person who uses your promo code, you receive $150 sent to you within 7 days of the transaction date

  • There is no limit to how many people who can use your promo code

To get started, just DM or email us with "I'll join you" and we will send you the affiliate partnership agreement and partnership packet.


When do we need to share the promo materials?

This is an ongoing opportunity up until August 2022. You receive more detailed instructions in your partnership packet.

What do the promo materials include?

We'll provide you with graphics, videos, photos, captions, and copy to share with your community. You can easily create your own materials if you want to share in your own unique way and we're open to creative collaboration.

How much is the Worthy Retreat for participants?

We have retreat packages ranging from $3k to $5k depending on what participants want to experience. It's all-inclusive and we strive to keep all destinations accessible and affordable.

How do you payout affiliates?

We can send your payment in whichever way is easiest for you. In the past, we've sent payments via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

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